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Zirconia is an innovative restoration for aesthetic metal-free crowns and bridges. The reliability of zirconia is backed by years of proven clinical success. The system is used to fabricate anterior or posterior single units or multi-unit bridge restorations out of translucent, bio-compatible zirconia, the strongest and toughest dental ceramic.

Full Zirconia (Zir 1000) Advantages

  • Exceptional strength: Greater flexural strength than any other all-ceramic available.

  • Excellent esthetics: No black lines or gingival graying. Semi-transparent with a high opacity to mask underlying tooth discoloration, metal cores and implant abutments.

  • Outstanding marginal fit: We seat our zirconia under 10x magnification

Dentists report success using any cement that has an auto-cure or dual-cure feature. Light-cure only products are not recommended because many lights are not powerful enough to cure material thru the zirconia core.

Based on our customer surveys, 3M's Rely X Unicem and GC's Fujicem are the most popular cements.

Cementable: Use your favorite cementation material and protocol.

We are currently offering:

  • Zirconia layered with Vita Porcelain
  • Zir 1000 - Full Contour Zirconia

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